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Depression and Social Unrest in Hong Kong

Bruno Duval

The end of the decade 2010–2019 has been marked by numerous demonstrations, protests, and social movements around the world. Whether it is the protests in Barcelona for the independence of Catalonia, the yellow vest movement in France or the protests in Hong Kong against the amendment of the extradition law, people all over the world want their voices to be heard and they wish to express their opinions in a loud, clear and ongoing manner.

Population Decline: An Impending Threat to Your Future

Stuart Wachowicz

China has announced a population decline. Is population decline an impending threat to your Future? On Nov 16, 2022, the World Population Review published a report on the state of Lithuania, a small nation on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Lithuania is one of a great number of nations whose population is in a serious state of decline.

The Belt and Road; As the West Slumbers, China Advances

Stuart Wachowicz

In the short time since the “Belt and Road Initiative” was announced by President Xi Jinping of China in 2013, it has grown to be home to the largest piece of economic infrastructure in human history. We examined this project in a video entitled “One Belt One Road” in 2019 but a great deal has happened since. This massive project warrants a second look.

Could There Be A New Reserve Currency?

Michael Heykoop

Could the Euro, Yuan, Bitcoin or some new currency we’ve never even heard of become the next “world reserve currency?” Who decided that the US Dollars would be the reserve currency anyways and what does it actually do in that role? Does it matter and what would happen if the world found a new reserve currency?

The Importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Michael Heykoop

A random stone, thrown by a shepherd boy as he worked along the cliffs of Qumran, led to the most important archeological discovery of the 20th century, the Dead Sea Scrolls. Over seventy years later, clues are still being found that reshape our understanding of ancient documents and how they have been preserved.

How a Christian Should Respond to Government?

Stuart Wachowicz

Opinions vary widely regarding the proper administration of law and order in society today, often leading to unrest, protest and even violence. With such strong disagreement among people and groups, all striving to promote their own ideals and visions, are real peace and stability even possible? Ancient texts provide insights - for both government and the governed - that remain relevant even today.

Can Life be a Continual Party?

Javid Khan

We will eventually find that a party lifestyle loses its appeal. For example, celebrities with unlimited resources may reach a point where they see life as pointless and unsatisfying, not worth living—and so we hear of suicide attempts on the news. Some of you watching this may have also lived this life with no restrictions and restraint, and have gotten to the point where the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment has lost its appeal. This brings us to a philosophical dilemma. Is it wrong to have fun and enjoy life? Should life become mostly serious and predictable?

Overcoming Depression with Gratitude

Stuart Wachowicz

There is a plague in our midst that costs the global economy billions of dollars every year, and claims victims from the poorest to the richest among us. This modern epidemic is eroding health, wealth and happiness of young and old alike. This plague is not caused by a virus, yet it has spread like the most virulent of contagions. When one suffers from depression, all seems hopeless with seemingly no escape from distress. In this condition it is difficult to be grateful for anything and yet finding ways to show gratitude is one of the most effective natural ways to combat depression.