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Rebuilding Happy Families-Part 3

John H. Ogwyn

Trust and respect are elements at the heart of healthy relationships. Hurtful experiences in a sick family environment undermine proper respect and damage the ability to trust. But why are these elements so vital, and what can be done to rebuild them?

Rebuilding Happy Families-Part 2

John H. Ogwyn

As we look around our hurting world, we should recognize that no one comes from a perfect background. However, millions have grown up in circumstances that have left particularly deep scars. These scars will, if not addressed and healed, simply perpetuate the sins of the fathers onto the children—even to the third and fourth generations (see Numbers 14:18).

Rebuilding Happy Families-Part 1

John H. Ogwyn

In a world with so much suffering, happy families are harder and harder to find. Perhaps you came from a broken family—or are in one right now. Your Bible reveals vital tools that can help you build—or rebuild—the happy family God wants you to have!

Is Saying "No" Enough?

Gerald Weston

Popular culture proclaims the twin messages of "free sex" and "safe sex," but the question remains, "Is sex outside of marriage either free or safe?" If not, what is the best approach?

Why Live Forever?

Rod McNair

What happens when you die? Countless millions hope to extend their physical lives— but for what purpose? Few truly understand the Bible's promise of eternal life—but you can!

How to KNOW God

Roderick C. Meredith

Many people think they know of God, but do they really know Him? Jesus Christ came to reveal the Father to mankind. God is love, and you can know Him!

Mystery of the Mind

Wallace G. Smith

What is happening when you think? Is your mind just the result of electrochemical activity? Or is there something more to your consciousness—something beyond physical measurement?

Prayer: Our Lifeline to God

Richard F. Ames

As you face the stresses of daily life, are you making the time to come closer to God, to receive the peace and guidance only He can give? If you have never learned to pray, you still can!

Prove the Bible!

Richard F. Ames

Can you trust what you read in the Bible? Were you taught that it is an outdated and inaccurate set of stories and myths? The truth is that you can prove, for yourself, that the Bible is accurate and true—and that it reveals not only history and prophecy but a practical and vital Way of life!

Who Was the God of the Old Testament?

Roderick C. Meredith

Did God the Father give ancient Israel outdated instructions, which Jesus Christ had to come to change? Or were the ancient Israelites guided by the same One who was born as Jesus Christ? The answer may surprise you!