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The Impossible Dream

Jeffrey Fall

World peace has been an elusive goal for thousands of years. Many approaches have been tried, yet all have failed. Is world peace truly an "impossible dream," or will many of us experience it within our lifetimes? The answer may surprise you.

How the Bible Can Help You Part 2

Richard F. Ames

We all need to realize just how important the Bible is to us—personally and nationally! The history of the world teaches us the profound lesson that no great empire or nation will ever endure without strong spiritual character and integrity.

How the Bible Can Help You Part 1

Richard F. Ames

You probably have a Bible somewhere in your home. Year after year, the Bible is the world's best-selling book. Yet most people know very little about this amazing book and what it contains. The Bible reveals the mysteries of life. It reveals the future of humanity. And it can help you in many ways—far above your greatest hopes and dreams.

Does Character Really Matter?

John H. Ogwyn

We commonly hear of people seeking wealth, power and prestige. How often do we hear of someone seeking to develop greater character? What can character do for you?

What, Me Worry?

J. Davy Crockett III

Are you mad with worry? Most people seem to be. Jesus Christ gave some important instructions about worrying—and if you follow those instructions, you can find peace!

The Tomb of Jesus?

Wallace G. Smith

Archaeologists recently announced an amazing discovery—a tomb which, they say, contained the bones of Jesus and several members of His family. What does this "discovery" actually reveal?

Four Hundred Years of the King James Bible

John Meakin

The most influential book ever written in English marks its 400th anniversary this year. In 1611, a monumental project came to completion that had engaged more than 50 of England's finest scholars for seven years—an English-language Bible translation that remains widely treasured as a masterpiece of scholarship, clarity and beauty of expression.

Why Must Christians Be Baptized?

Scott D. Winnail

Why must a true Christian be baptized? Why is just "giving your heart to the Lord" insufficient for salvation? There are several reasons.

Baptism: Ritual or Requirement?

Scott D. Winnail

Does baptism matter? Have you been sprinkled, splashed, poured on or immersed? Can you have the Holy Spirit without water baptism? Is baptism valid without true repentance? People have all sorts of different ideas about baptism, but what does your Bible say?

Rebuilding Happy Families-Part 4

John H. Ogwyn

In unhealthy families, the leader either abdicates his responsibility to guide or else seeks to control all the other members. What is a healthy leadership style? The early New Testament Church provides an interesting example.