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Solving the Mystery of Marriage - Part 1

Rod McNair

Is marriage obsolete? Is it even relevant in our modern day? Why do people still come together in marriage, despite so many attacks on this once-cherished institution? The Bible gives powerful insights that can deepen your appreciation of marriage!

Christmas: The Missing Message - Part 2

Richard Ames

The New Testament Church of the first century knew the prophecies of Christ's coming, and they knew Christ's message—yet the New Testament Church did not observe Christmas! Rather, it observed the same Holy Days that Jesus Christ observed.

Christmas: The Missing Message - Part 1

Richard Ames

What does Christmas mean to you? Does observing Christmas bring you closer to God? Or are "Christmas" traditions obscuring the wonderful truth of Jesus Christ's real message?

Eight Words That Will Improve Your Life

Don Davis

Try this brief exercise and see whether you can develop the tools to become a peacemaker.

The Way to Wisdom

Phil Sena

What is wisdom? One dictionary defines wisdom as "accumulated philosophic or scientific learning." However, a very intellectual person can make very unwise choices, so there must be something more to it.

Mankind's Never-Ending Hope

Marc Arseneault

Jesus Christ, through whom God the Father created the Earth, will at His return bring peace and prosperity to planet Earth as never before! This is humanity's true hope, of a time when the desert will bloom as the rose (Isaiah 35:2), the animals will be tame (Isaiah 11:8; 65:25), and the entire planet will become as a large and wonderful garden!


J. Davy Crockett III

When you look at yourself, what do you see?

Why "Looking Hot" Is Not

Phil Sena

Even before young people reach sexual maturity, they are bombarded with images that equate "attractiveness" with "looking hot"—with sexual appeal and seductiveness.

What Is Prophecy?

Richard F. Ames

Some wrongly try to disconnect prophecy from God's plan of salvation, but this cannot be done. What exactly is prophecy?

Why Prophecy?

Richard F. Ames

Is Bible prophecy something that we need not—or perhaps cannot—understand? Or is it vital to the daily life, and future hope, of Christians? Why did God give us Bible prophecy? You need to know!