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Vital Keys for Bible Study

Richard F. Ames

The Bible can transform your life, if you know how to study it. Bible study can be exciting and fresh and relevant, if you apply the Bible’s own guidance to your study. This week's program will share several time-tested keys to make your study of the Bible come alive as never before!

Prayer: Our Lifeline to God

Richard F. Ames

One simple way to reduce stress in our lives is to build a relationship with the Creator God by taking time to talk with Him in prayer.  The Bible reveals several keys to effectively pray to God, and use it as a lifeline to keep you intimately connected with the Creator of the universe.

Armageddon and Beyond

Richard F. Ames

As crisis after crisis hits the world, many have been left wondering, “Where is this all headed?” While many will be quick to say that Armageddon is at our door, do they really understand the Biblical interpretation of Armageddon.  And, do they understand the wonderful events that lie beyond Armageddon? 

Death, Resurrection and the Afterlife

Richard F. Ames

Far too often, lives are cut short due to heartbreaking accidents.  These tragic deaths seem to leave us without hope.  And yet, your Bible gives answers to these deeper questions: Will the dead live again?  Will they be resurrected?  Will we ever meet our deceased loved ones again?

Modern Morality and the Ten Commandments

Richard F. Ames

When we consider the great empires of the past, we should learn the lessons of history.  One of the major causes of the decline of Rome was the disintegration of family. Divorce, adultery and indulgence devastated family unity and values.  In contrast, the Ten Commandments show the way to lead a proper, moral life!